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Beauty Must-Haves For Cooler Months

Fall is here and with it comes pumpkin everything, beautiful foliage, and cooler days. It also means your skin may be adjusting from summer glow to not so glowy, dry skin. Below are a few favorites everyone needs in their arsenal as the seasons change. 

Body Butter 

The number one combatant of dry skin, body butter is a must when cooler weather comes around. It locks in moisture while giving a nice barrier against harsher winds. Honestly, body butter can be used year ‘round but is a lifesaver as it gets cooler. 

Must Try:

PeaceFull Organic Body Butter 6.2 oz $29

Body Oil

Luxurious body oils will do wonders for your skin and well being. Body oils leave you feeling pampered after a bath or shower. True Moringa’s Face Hair & Body Oil is made with moringa oil a powerful multipurpose oil that is full of nutrients causing it to have anti-aging properties while fighting off acne, blackheads and dark spots. 

Must Try:

True Moringa Passion Face, Hair, and Body Oil 1.69 fl. oz. $36

Face Mask

Masks are not only fun to put on but a great addition to any skincare routine. There are a plethora of masks that target whatever your skin needs. 

One of our favorites is Ode Eternal’s Pink Coconut Mask which nourishes your skin rather than leaving it dry and taut. It’s perfect for to getting rid of impurities while softening your skin. This mask will definitely leave your skin feeling really smooth and supple. 

Must Try:

Ode Eternal Pink Coconut Mask 2 oz $16

Body Scrub

Exfoliation is key no matter the weather may be. Exfoliating helps with skin cell turnover and keeps your skin feeling smooth, soft, and clean. Exfoliation comes in different forms, namely chemical and physical exfoliation. Where chemical exfoliation is better administered by a professional (especially for your entire body), physical exfoliation is more of what we are used to seeing in stores. Sugar scrubs are not only fun to try but are a fun DIY project for a girl's night in. 

Must Try:

NaturalAnnie's Whipped Matcha + Grapefruit Body Scrub 8 oz $28