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Our Story

"Your body is a temple, treat it as such."

We truly believe that your body is a temple and you should treat it as such, which is why we seek brands from around the world that are committed to providing quality products, being innovative, all while respecting our bodies and the environment. 

Our name Queya Beauty (pronounced kay-yah) stems from the name "Quisqueya." It's the original Taino name for Hispaniola: the island containing Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is an ode to the heritage of the founder and owner, Nivdarla Anselme.

"Whenever I use something created with natural ingredients, it reminds me of my roots - in the Haitian culture, nature is used to heal, nourish, and beautify."

Nivdarla has always appreciated products that enhance beauty, especially those created using natural ingredients. She would peruse many beauty shops, only to find that there was a lack of brands that catered to her specific needs - beauty and skin products with natural ingredients geared towards women of color. Her research found that there was less effort across brands and retailers to bring green beauty products to women of color, despite their powerful buying influence. 


Queya Beauty is a specially curated beauty marketplace containing brands committed to providing high-quality, beautiful, non-toxic, inclusive products. It is created so that natural beauty products can be more accessible to everyone.